Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Concert is Tonight!

One of the many huge posters in Perm for our concert

After months of preparation in the US, and 2 weeks of rehearsals here in Russia, it is finally time for the performance!
Our sound check and final run-through went very well last night, and everyone is ready and excited for the world premiere of "Eternal" live.  We are told that the 1000 seat theater is sold out, and there have been camera crews from TV stations and journalists interviewing us for the past few days.  We will do a final sound check this afternoon, have a late lunch, and then wait for the magic hour of 7 pm when the sound of Huun Huur Tu's Tuvan throat-singing will blend with electronics and start the show. I'm very excited, and so ready for this!
Final sound check


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